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Omnify: Solution developed in Brain starts operating at Algar Tech

A great news for medium and large companies that want to transform your customer relationship is Omnify, which hit the market in August to bring omnichannel solutions focused on digital transformation.

After all, two-thirds of the customer relationship management market doesn’t outsource their contact centers, according to E-Consulting. This number, in turn, represents a potential market of R$35.4 billion.

In addition, many companies need partners who have experience in relationship management. This, to serve increasingly demanding consumers. Understand what Omnify is and, mainly, how it impacts the market in a positive way.

What is Omnify and how it came about

Omnify is the new business unit — also called the Business Unit (BU) — of Algar Tech. Its objective is to bring digital transformation to medium and large companies that have in-house relationship centers, making customer service management more intelligent and uncomplicated.

The business unit was created with the investment of Algar Tech in a project by the Instituto de Science and Technology (ICT) of the group Algar the Brain. ICT’s mission was to develop a disruptive solution that would help companies to increasingly improve their customer relationships. In this way, Omnify became a reality.

In addition, BU enters the market in partnership with Genesys, a global reference in software and services for contact centers. Thus, Omnify is a complete solution that integrates services, ICT Infrastructure and Omnichannel Cloud Platform (CCaaS) for contact centers.

“We studied this market a lot and during the pandemic It has become more evident how many companies are in need of partners with experience in relationship management to be able to deliver a truly omnichannel journey and offer an integrated and effortless experience across all their channels, an increasingly strong consumer demand ”, adds Aléssio Rodrigues Silva, Head of Omnify.

Watch the video below to understand a little more about the performance of Algar Tech’s new BU. Then, discover some Omnify solutions to transform the relationship between companies and consumers.


Omfy’s solutions to the market

Omnify has omnichannel solutions, that is, which promote the integration and orchestration of the companies’ relationship channels. In addition, the BU brings know-how, management and optimization of customer and attendant journeys to partner companies. All of this reduces costs with call centers. See three solutions from the new BU from Algar Tech, developed by Brain.

Omnify Connect

Omnify Connect is an omnichannel cloud platform. It integrates technologies, voice and data infrastructure in an orchestrated and resolute way. In other words, it is a complete solution for contact centers, with integration across all channels.

Omnify vPlace

Omnify vPlace uncomplicates the digital transformation in the call center of companies, as it has highly trained virtual agents with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Robots perform services and operations in multiple channels. This, at a level of satisfaction equal to or greater than that of human operators, and at a lower cost.

Omnify Success

With Omnify Success, companies improve processes through a consulting service specially designed to improve the journey of the consumer and agent, which identifies gaps and proposes improvements. In this way, in an innovative way, businesses offer a much more successful service experience.

“This layer of services added to the platform is what sets the solution apart from the competition. Our proposal is to go deep into the experience and, whenever necessary, redesign journeys to generate maximum value. We put the customer at the center of everything, a background that we bring from Algar Tech’s experience of over 20 years in relationship management”, comments Tatiane Panato, President of Algar Tech.

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