We are the Institute of Science and Technology (ICT) founded by Algar Telecom. Here, in addition to a dynamic and inspiring environment, you will find multidisciplinary squads, made up of passionate about innovation and technology. Collaboration, self-organization and knowledge are pillars that support our team, which is focused on fast delivery and agile development.

We were born with two main objectives: to act with a focus on a culture of innovation and to propose new products and solutions that add value and simplify the daily lives of our partners and our business partners.

With the support of an inspiring leadership, we built a collaborative work network, where transparency, motivation and engagement prevail to deliver the best results.
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She is a geographer by training at the Federal University of Uberlândia and has a postgraduate degree in Marketing from ESAMC. She works in product development in Telecommunications since 2002, directing her actions in a career of problem solving and building new solutions. Passionate about the new, she was responsible for the elaboration of Grupo Algar's 1st systematic prototype development method, which was replicated to all employees. At Brain, Innovation Center founded by Algar Telecom, she was head of Tribo Over the Top (OTT) and is currently the leader of Tribo de Engajamento.
Laura Vilarinho
Experiência consolidada de 26 anos no setor de telecomunicações, desempenhando funções que vão desde operações, engenharia e planejamento, até inovação e desenvolvimento da cultura organizacional. Bacharel em Ciência da Computação pela Universidade Federal de Uberlândia e Especialista em Ciências e Comunicação e Marketing. Professor universitário de graduação e pós-graduação, ministrando disciplinas que abrangem conectividade, telecom, inovação, Indústria 4.0 e clima e cultura organizacional.
Alexandre Campos
Formado em Administração de Empresas pela Universidade Federal de Pernambuco e com pós graduação em Gestão da Inovação pela ESPM, atuou ao longo de 8 anos em contato direto com o mercado empresarial Pernambucano, com o objetivo de desenvolver e fortalecer pilares relacionados a empreendedorismo e inovação. Foi responsável pela liderança e desenvolvimento de times comerciais no Nordeste nas cidades de Fortaleza, Salvador e Recife, além de possuir vivência internacional no Canadá e Estados Unidos.
Vagner Santana
Graduated in International Relations from the Federal University of Uberlândia and post graduated in business from Insper. Career developed in finance and strategy. She was responsible for creating and structuring Brain's finance and governance area. She is currently the leader of a multidisciplinary team responsible for finance, corporate governance, KPIs, IT, Agile PMO, compliance and legal at the Brain Science and Technology Institute, founded by Algar Telecom.
Mariana Freitas
Graduated in Psychology from UFU, she also did Post Graduate in Business Administration (UFU) and Retail Management from FDC. She also has certifications in Coaching, Change Management, Design Thinking and different Assessment tools. She has been working as an HR professional for over 18 years, having had the opportunity to work in the Wholesale, Technology, Finance, Retail and Innovation segments, working with the development of teams, leaders and projects with a focus on people management. She is currently Head of TH at Brain, working with the purpose of promoting the development of agile methodology in the day-to-day of TH management.
Renata Caetano
É formado em Engenharia de Telecomunicações e Direito, além de possuir MBA em Economia e Gestão Empresarial. Durante mais de 20 anos atuou na Algar Telecom, empresa de TI e Telecom do Grupo Algar, em diferentes áreas e iniciativas como: interconexão de dados e voz, gestão de parcerias e negócios, desenvolvimento de novos negócios envolvendo soluções de Internet das Coisas (IoT), MVNO e Serviço de Valor Agregado. Finalizou sua trajetória na Algar Telecom como Diretor de Atacado e, atualmente, é Presidente do Brain, o Centro de Inovação fundado pela Algar Telecom.
Ivan Mendes


We work with the development of innovative solutions in four major technological themes: IoT, 5G, Digital and Cloud/Edge Computing. And the new products and businesses developed are focused on various business verticals, such as:



The Agro market is quite strong in Brazil, having great relevance in the Brazilian GDP, and it tends to grow more and more with the adoption of technologies and innovations. Brain seeks to act in this vertical so that the field also has intelligence, productions and crops are more profitable and the population also benefits from it all.

 Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution will be very important for the country's growth and development, and may benefit many people with its technologies. Innovations in this vertical can improve all processes, from the office to the shop floor. The pillars and work fronts of Industry 4.0 open up a range of possibilities for the development of innovative solutions by Brain.



Innovation in healthcare helps improve patient experiences, creates opportunities for professionals and adds value to service providers. The possibilities are immense in this market and Brain is present with its offices in the two main health centers in the country: São Paulo and Recife.

 Small Medium Business

Small Medium Business

Small and medium entrepreneurs often think that innovation is just part of the daily routine of large companies, but one of Brain's missions is to develop solutions for this audience, showing that innovation can also be part of their business.

 Smart Spaces

Smart Spaces

In addition to smart cities, which already bring many benefits to the population, it is also possible that many other environments become smart spaces, such as homes, factories, farms and hospitals, for example. Smart Spaces will soon gain scale and Brain is eyeing this market to help positively impact people's lives once and for all.


Discover our ideas and innovations that have transformed companies, such as the revolutionary IoT Multiconnect.

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