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We are more than a space for innovation lovers. Here, minds are not afraid to think, do and we promote the connection of ideas and people.

We have offices in Uberlândia (MG), São Paulo (SP) and Recife (PE) and our #brainers work at “Anywhere Office” model. In different parts of the country, we work with agile methods and develop innovative solutions.


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We are connected minds. Restless.

Real problems move us! While some see barriers, we see opportunities. We are born with the DNS of connectivity.

Essence to innovate in disruptive technologies.
To go further, we create alliances.
Strategic partnerships that unite us with the best.

The ideas that come and go here are put to the test.
Those that survive go through advanced validation processes.
With agile methods, ideas become solutions.

Efficiency for businesses and amazing experiences for people


Brainers Testimonials

Ana Luiza Figueiredo
Innovation Specialist
"It is very rewarding to work in a collaborative environment and with teams that seek joint results. We are constantly learning and moving, both internally and with the innovation ecosystem. Brain is concerned with our well-being, quality of life and work. I admire and am proud to be part of a company with such solid purposes and values! "
Thiago Zacarias
Innovation Specialist
"Working on Brain for me is an accomplishment! This is the feeling of being in a collaborative environment, where innovation is in the DNA, where the singular has its specificity and the collective stands out. Here trends become work activities. There are no limits… an extensive horizon with countless opportunities and with a different learning experience every day."
Lucas Visibelli
Scrum Master
"Working at Brain means living at the forefront of everything, being aware of technological advances and managing new ideas with agility, it means breathing innovation every day and learning new things at every moment. It's being in the future! Being part of the Brain family is a unique satisfaction and without a doubt an experience that shaped my behavior for the new and constant development."
Raira Oliveira
"Migrating from area (I came from IT) always lets the "imposer" that inhabits us wake up and make us believe that we are insufficient. However, Brain at no time made me feel incapable, insecure or even paranoid about my choices. On the contrary! Every day, I find myself more engaged and fulfilled, learning and discovering something new every day."
Gladson Igídio
Solutions Engineer
"Here we are driven by constant challenges and are driven to think (and act), literally outside the box. Our solutions are created together with our customer and all our ideas are considered and tested. It's impossible not to fall in love with Brain: a light environment that gives us total freedom bringing the feeling of being at home. I am very proud to be a part of and be called a brainer!"

summer job

Our vacation internship program is an opportunity for students to experience agile methodology hands-on in a creative and dynamic environment.

Summers are challenged to understand a problem, define a solution, prototype and validate the proposal developed with the support of mentors and Brain teams.
Summer Job

Both edition numbers

A face-to-face program and a fully remote program

States (BR)
Algar Sem Barreiras

From different points of view we see further

Our team is a mix of accents, ideas and cultures. Here, diversity is one of the fuels that drive us and drive innovation. We are part of Algar sem Barreiras, a program created by the Algar group to strengthen the work environment that values respect, through actions that do not tolerate discrimination.
Algar Sem Barreiras

We work with different initiatives to promote
diversity on Brain on five fronts:

Algar Sem Barreiras
Algar Sem Barreiras
Algar Sem Barreiras
Algar Sem Barreiras
Algar Sem Barreiras

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