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Brain develops solutions to drive digital transformation in MSEs

Brain, Institute of Science and Technology founded by Algar Telecom, one of the largest Brazilian telecommunications companies, has developed SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions aimed at micro and small businesses. The technologies aim to help entrepreneurs to leverage their businesses, without requiring high investment and bureaucracy.

SaaS solutions are characterized by offering technological services through an internet connection, without the customer having to install any software in their company or purchase equipment. The platforms developed by Brain had a partnership with UpGestão, Systax and Atende Simples, and are aimed at the financial, tax and customer service areas. Its features will provide better visibility of information, helping the entrepreneur in managing the company and making decisions. Are they:

  • Financial Management: assists in cash flow management, inventory control, customer registration, issuance of invoices for services and products, dashboard visualization of incoming revenue so far, accounts to pay and receive in the month, employee who sold the most, control of suppliers, etc.
  • Attendance Management: delivers an intuitive and easy-to-configure IVR (Audible Response Unit), which allows you to redirect incoming calls to landlines and mobiles, and record messages. The tool also has a call chart, which measures how many were answered, missed, handled, etc., as well as how many were directed to each registered operator and their origin.
  • Tax Management and Fiscal Management Pro: a safe and up-to-date source with the country’s tax laws, which allows you to research the current taxes on your stock, so that the entrepreneur does not pay excessive taxation .

In addition to not requiring investments in infrastructure, the solutions provide convenience to the customer, since the entrepreneur receives the software’s access, support and maintenance services. It is also possible to access the tools from anywhere, through a variety of mobile devices.

“We developed these solutions with the aim of helping entrepreneurs in what can still be a problem for them today: managing finances, customer relations and taxes. When these points are no longer a concern, the entrepreneur can actually focus on his core business, in addition to being able to manage his company in a simpler way, and thus attract more customers, reduce costs and, consequently, obtain better results.” says Zaima Milazzo, President of Brain.

“The great differential of these solutions developed by Brain is that they offer real-time service together, which guides the entrepreneur in interacting with the tools and helps him to make the best use of them”, says the executive. Another benefit is the constant updating, a characteristic that guarantees that the customer always has the best version of the tool.

SaaS solutions have been gaining more and more space in companies. According to Gartner, a leader in consultancy and research, these should grow 17.8% in 2019. “We value our client’s success. Therefore, we seek to offer services that follow trends and increase your competitiveness in the market”, completes the executive.

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