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Discover Web Protection, digital security solution for SMEs

More and more debates about user – and network – security are being discussed. According to company report Fortinet , there were more than 24 billion attempts of cyber attacks, which represents an average of 65 million attempts a day here in Brazil, in the year 2019. Also according to the report, most attacks are in banks, but there is an increase through phishing, which are malicious links that induce the user to provide personal data, bank details, or even download viruses that control the devices and “steal” the data. Because they are invisible attacks, we don’t pay much attention, but this number is scary.

But where does Brain fit in?

And it was in view of all this issue about user and network security that we thought about developing a solution involving data protection, aimed at the micro and small business market. Over several months, we worked on creating Web Protection, the newest Brain solution developed for Algar Telecom, with the best cost/benefit ratio for this market. With it, customers see how their company’s internet is being used, have their network protected against cyber attacks and also ensure greater compliance of their business with the new Data Protection Law (LGPD), which will come into force at the beginning of 2021.

“From conversations with our customers and feedbacks, we realized that it was necessary to have a specific solution for micro and small companies, which often do not even have basic protection in their networks”, says our president Zaima Milazzo.

Getting to Know Web Protection

It is a cloud solution installed directly on Algar Telecom’s customer’s internet link and acts by protecting network traffic, preventing third parties from invading and stealing data. In addition, Web Protection does not require any software or hardware installation and the entire process, from contracting to support, is done remotely.

All this monitoring is done 100% online, with configuration and reporting performed remotely by Algar Telecom’s team of specialists. It is the highest technology brought in a simple and accessible way to small and medium-sized companies in Brazil.

Aimed at the business audience, the product differs from many protection solutions on the market, such as antivirus, proxy and firewall, because it delivers a package of benefits to the customer :

– Increased Productivity: any access to the company’s network from different devices is monitored. Thus, it is possible to manage these accesses in order to ensure greater efficiency of the team;

– Greater data security: Web Protection scans access from the company’s network and blocks any suspicious content, in addition to ensuring immediate updates whenever new cyber threats are identified on the internet;

– LGPD Compliance: with network security, the company is already starting to prepare for the LGPD (General Data Protection Law) compliance, which comes into force in early 2021;

– Information that facilitates decision-making: the client receives weekly reports with information on blocked threats and with the list of the most accessed sites, and with this, he can take strategic decisions to ensure greater security of his business and greater efficiency of your team;

– Peace of mind: as Web Protection is managed remotely by a specialized team at Algar, the customer does not have to worry about system updates, equipment maintenance, reporting, and even less. deepen your knowledge of technology to have everything this solution offers.

And which team was responsible for this?

Our squad responsible for this solution is composed of a team with the following functions: Product Owner, Scrum Master, Marketing, IT, Engineering, Business and Service. In addition, our team included Algar Telecom’s Estação, Marketing, MPE concession and expansion teams, which were essential for this launch.

And the effort was not little: the product was launched remotely, that is, 100% online, with a lot of dedication and hard work. We took the opportunity to congratulate our brainers and all the partners involved in the delivery, because even in a moment of pandemic and adaptation to the home office, everyone got involved in the project’s progress. It was sensational!

Customer benefits, even in a pandemic

According to our president Zaima, in addition to the difficulties of dealing with the Economical analysis brought about by the new coronavirus, smaller companies were forced to face a series of difficulties related to digital security and productivity due to the transition to the remote work regime. So, if you want to know more about Web Protection, the newest solution developed by Brain for Algar Telecom, click here.

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