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Hospital Monitora: Solution for managing hospital resources

The healthcare market has gone through great transformations in recent years, mainly with the use of technology and innovation to revolutionize this sector which, in turn, has just gained another digital solution: Hospital Monitora, developed by Brain.

In this way, the solution brings several benefits to a fundamental activity in the hospital area, which is asset management.

Furthermore, at a time when digital transformations were accelerated because of the pandemic, Hospital Monitora arrives to bring more agility and efficiency to an essential sector.

See a little more about how technology is positively impacting the healthcare market and then learn more about Brain’s first solution for the healthcare industry, Hospital Monitora!

Technology in the healthcare sector

The concept of health tech is a trend that is gaining more and more space in Brazil. It concerns startups in the healthcare sector that develop technological and disruptive solutions to tackle the pains of this market.

According to the District, the number of health techs increased from 288 in 2018 to 386 in 2019.

It is worth remembering that spending on health should grow around 5.4% per year until 2022 worldwide, according to Deloitte, and that Brazil is the 8th largest market in the health area. Therefore, this sector is expanding.

Finally, the journal Medicina S/A shows in a survey last year that 85% of hospitals in the country plan to invest in digital resources.

There are approximately 6,700 hospital institutions in Brazil, that is, a solution like Hospital Monitora meets a high demand from hospitals for more technology.

The Hospital Monitor

Hospital Monitora performs asset tracking with a focus on greater efficiency in the management of hospital resources.

Therefore, the tool monitors high-value resources such as wheelchairs and respirators, and even makes these data available in real-time in a dashboard.

The platform can be accessed by different devices, such as notebook, cell phones and tablets.

Therefore, Hospital Monitora brings a series of benefits, such as:

  • Agility and data intelligence for hospital administration.
  • Fast finding assets.
  • Scheduling of location change alerts.
  • Asset count by area.
  • Control of equipment under maintenance.
  • Integration with hospital systems.
  • Date on length of stay by area.

In an emergency, Hospital Monitora identifies which equipment will be needed for care and issues alerts so that they are immediately mobilized to the correct place of care, for example.

“The options for use are diverse and can be adapted to the reality of each institution”, explains Zaima Milazzo, president of Brain. “As the applicability is very varied, a consultative work is carried out to identify the client’s pains and how to support them in their challenges.

We build together and deliver a complete and customized solution”, she adds.

How Hospital Monitora was created

Thus, the tool is a complete and integrated solution, the result of a partnership between Brain (which operates in the open innovation model), with 4 companies:

  • Aruba, responsible for supplying the hardware (such as the tag applied to each asset for monitoring) and also the infrastructure of networks with WiFi antennas, distributed by Ingram Micro Brasil.
  • Conversys IT Solutions, responsible for the implementation and analysis of the building’s infrastructure, ensuring that the equipment is installed in the best way so that there is no interference in the signal.
  • Lab³, the software house that makes the dashboard and interconnects it with a friendly platform.
  • And the Algar Telecom, which integrates all these fronts through connectivity.

Hospitals in any region of Brazil can count on all the resources that Hospital Monitora offers.

“Our initial focus is on hospitals, which were undergoing a slower process of digital transformation, and which had this dynamic very accelerated with the arrival of the pandemic and the regulation of telemedicine.

But we can also serve clinics and laboratories, which should become a target audience at a later date”, says Zaima Milazzo.

Now that you know about another solution created by Brain, know how you and your company can be our partners!

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