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Meet Next Move Car, the solution that turns vehicles into smartcars

Vehicles are increasingly being modernized and with this need, Brain in partnership with Drive On, developed an innovative solution for the Algar Telecom: Next Move Car, a new automotive intelligence service.

Drive On provides the platform and business know-how, while Algar Telecom delivers high signal capacity with its multiconnect chip (inserted in the hardware at the customer’s choice), data intelligence and access to the B2B market thanks to its relationship with its broad customer base.

Getting to Know the Next Move Car

The product, which transforms common vehicles (light, heavy and two-wheeled) into smart, was already part of the portfolio of Drive On, a partner company. The idea now is to join forces to improve and scale the solution with Algar technology.

The solution, via monthly subscription, is agnostic, as the customer can choose to purchase the device to be plugged into the vehicle (via OBD or CAN port) and platform, or use their own device and hire only the platform’s telemetry service. It gives voice to the vehicle and connects you 24 hours a day, empowering the customer.

Thus, a series of functions that can be accessed in a simple way via the application or the web, among them are: real-time geolocation; speed control and overflow alerts; vehicle health and parts status; in addition to data focused on savings (with reports on consumption, costs and travel trajectories).

Therefore, the solution’s great differential is the analysis and intelligent combination of the collected data, which will make it possible to generate inputs for monitoring the driving behavior of both the driver and the vehicle.

Who Can Benefit From the Solution

The initial plan is to focus on four B2B segments: insurance companies, fleet owners, rental companies and concessionaires. Within these audiences, there are different value propositions.

Thus, for insurance companies and rental companies, for example, the benefit is the possibility of pricing the service according to the use and behavior of the user, generating more revenue and lower costs.

Currently, insurance companies calculate insurance based on generic risk criteria, such as the driver’s age, gender, driving time, location, etc. Once they receive accurate data about the use of that car, it will be feasible to customize this insurance according to use.

The UBI (Usage Based Insurance – UBI) model is a consumption-based insurance model, allowing for a fairer, more attractive contract that suits the real needs of each customer profile.

Fleet owners, in turn, can achieve much more efficiency, through better management and reduced costs with travel and maintenance.

However, for concessionaires, other benefits can be delivered. “The advantage is quite significant, as dealerships and dealerships today have difficulty in this approach, making their points of contact only when the customer reaches a specific number of purchase time or an estimated number of kilometers driven.

A great investment

Now, receiving from Algar Telecom the information collected by Next Move Car, they will have the chance to plan much more assertive and effective actions”, highlights Zaima Milazzo, president of Brain, Algar Telecom’s innovation center where the solution is being incubated.

“In this first stage, our objective is to create an intelligence structure to capture the car’s data and transform it into inputs for strategic decisions in various businesses, in addition to helping the user in their routines. It is an evolution of the IoT business within Algar Telecom and we certainly have the ambition of working in our portfolio with more solutions aimed at this important segment of the market”, concludes Zaima.

Finally, according to Gartner, by 2023 the market for data sales from connected vehicles will exceed $1 billion and marketing and advertising targeted at these vehicles will exceed $500 million.

Get to know Algar Telecom

Algar Telecom, a company of the Algar group, has a broad portfolio of Telecom and IT solutions to serve corporate (B2B) and retail (B2C) customers.

Thus, the company offers ultra-speed fiber optic internet, quality cellular, voice, data and IT services, including cloud and network security services, in addition to management systems for small businesses.

With 66 years in the market, it has a modern infrastructure, supported by a network of more than 77 thousand km of optical fiber that currently serves more than 350 cities, in 16 states in Brazil and in the Federal District.

For all these locations, the company invests in personalized, consultative and effective service to deliver more and more quality to customers. Publicly-held company, not listed on the stock exchange since 2007, Algar Telecom is committed to the best governance practices corporate.

There are more than 4,500 associates – as the company’s employees are called -, committed to maintaining a close relationship with its customers and high quality in the provision of services, with sustainable and innovative practices.

Meet Drive On

DriveOn is a startup from Amazonas that started its journey in Florianópolis when accelerated by Darwin Startups. His focus is on developing blockchain-recorded driving behavior and vehicle health scores for greater security of mobility data.

To engage the driver in improving driving, DriveOn created a cryptoactive called Cryptomiles and began building an ecosystem around this utility token. In 2019, the solution earned it the 10th position in the ranking of the most innovative startups in Latin America, as well as TOP 5 in the Fintech/Insurtehc category, by the Innovation Awards Latam.

Cryptomiles token uses the EzDeFi blockchain for fee-free and instant transactions, and drivers who benefit from the program use the EzDeFi Wallet to store their tokens.

Thus, in its journey, DriveOn has developed partnerships with large companies in the Automotive Industry such as Harman Brasil, technology & multimedia for large automakers in Brazil and around the world, and Mercedes-Benz Brasil (via Aceleradora Liga Ventures), national leader in sales of commercial vehicles (trucks and bus chassis).

DriveOn is currently participating in the Samsung Creative Startup program to enhance the product with all of Samsung’s UX expertise.

Thus, DriveOn also has a partnership with Fleety Mobility Brasil to improve solutions for the fleet segment, and with a partnership with Motorista PX, a platform that connects independent drivers to cargo carriers.

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