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Omni Pro: the multi-channel platform that optimizes your services

The constant acceleration of digital media has created new needs to simplify companies when it comes to customer service, so Brain developed a new solution for Algar Telecom: the Omni Pro, which provides greater agility, better customer service experience and automation through artificial intelligence bots.

Getting to Know Omni Pro

Omni Pro is a management platform that integrates all communication channels in the same place – WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Web Chat, SMS, email and voice – allowing companies to intensify the relationship with their customers, improve service, sell more and manage your channels well.

In this way, in addition to unifying, organizing and controlling digital services on the same platform in a simple way, the solution has artificial intelligence for the use of bots that automate the service.

Thus, the tool allows, for example, to analyze the individual performance of the customer service team, map the contact history of each customer, use script patterns, study performance graphs by channel or operator, among other features. It also enables integration with other systems, such as ERP, CRM, ticket and billing.

In this way, information can be viewed on a dashboard, with real-time management. For this, there are two types of access – one facing the administrator (with personalized reports, control over the attendants, channel configurations, etc.) and the other for the attendant (with service history visibility, satisfaction surveys, assistance prioritization , backlog management, etc.).

Who Can Benefit From the Solution

Firstly, Omni Pro has the proposal to serve medium and large companies, especially in the services and commerce sector, such as hotels, hospitals, clinics, wholesale and retail stores, as well as transport, accounting and law companies, from any region of the country .

Next year, the launch is planned for the micro and small business segment.

How the need arose

According to data from Gartner and IDC, conversations between users and companies grew 500% in 2020. Therefore, this sudden change in behavior, accentuated by the pandemic, caught organizations unprepared to serve hyperconnected customers, who simultaneously access different channels.

In addition, other market pains identified by Brain were: the need for greater agility in service, generating more productivity and sales; lack of mobility (problem evidenced by migration to teleworking); disorganized service, without management; and lack of automatic responses, leading to low efficiency and slowness.

“People’s demand for quick responses increased and they started to expect a unique experience even when interacting in different channels, without having to repeat their demand several times due to the lack of history. In this way, companies began to see that attention is gold in the digital age and that having a support structure, relationship and digital service is essential to transform the customer experience, build solid relationships, increase productivity and obtain better results”, highlights Zaima Milazzo, president of Brain.

With the launch, Algar Telecom becomes the first in the telecommunications sector to offer this type of service, offering customers the possibility of contracting a full service company that meets all their telecom and IT needs without the need to manage different Providers.

If you want to purchase Omni Pro, the product developed by Brain, access the Algar Telecom portal by clicking here .

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