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SD-WAN: The solution for connecting companies and branches

How does your company manage information across units?

Communication between a head office and its branches is essential for the smooth running of any business.
With technological advances, companies realized the need to adapt to new challenges to keep their information traffic safe and optimized, given the major changes and transformations in communication formats.

With the arrival of the internet and the countless possibilities that the online connection offers, everything has become much easier and creating a WAN (Wide Area Network – a network that interconnects thousands of computers in different geographic locations) has several technical solutions.

However, the amount of data transmitted has increased significantly, resulting in the demand for more bandwidth and the need to hire new information security services and trained professionals.

Thus, with so much information being generated and circulated all the time over the network, how can we guarantee the quality of data exchange between companies and their branches on the internet? What, in fact, is relevant to be broadcast? Does the information arrive in a timely manner? And most of all, is your data being transmitted securely with your company’s information privacy protected?

These are some of the questions you should ask when establishing how your company manages information between units using the internet.

For all questions, one answer: SD-WAN

Algar Telecom, a telecommunications company belonging to the Algar group, now has in its portfolio the SD-WAN solution, developed by Brain’s squad in partnership with Fortinet, a global provider of security solutions, which worked together with our ICT (Institute of Science and Technology) in technical construction.

With the service offered by SD-WAN, the headquarters and branches of a company can connect so that the traffic of information on the internet can be monitored and prioritized.

The security offered is one of the main benefits of SD-WAN, which uses protocols and information encryption to ensure total network protection.

Another SD-WAN differential is that all network management and support is done remotely or through technical assistance in partnership with other service providers, with demand logistics guaranteed by Algar Telecom.

In addition to these benefits, SD-WAN has another great advantage: the use of all access links that the client has, always prioritizing the one with the best performance for more critical issues that require greater attention and security. These access links can be as diverse as possible: dedicated link, broadband, 3G and 4G.

In a broad view, SD-WAN offers the following advantages:

  • WAN connectivity supporting various technologies such as MPLS, dedicated link, broadband and LTE/4G;
  • single and centralized management with cloud portal so that the customer can manage their entire infrastructure wherever they are;
  • network performance, which allows the customer to manage all their applications and set the priority on data traffic;
  • and definition of application for each link, identification of process failures and redundancies.

A growing trend for companies of all sizes

When we talk about solutions regarding network performance and security, we can think that they are only designed for large companies. This is not the case with the SD-WAN, which is cost-effective for clients of all sizes, as it is contracted based on the needs of each one. In addition, the solution differs from conventional networks, as it serves customers from any operator.

According to a study by IDC (International Data Corporation), the trend is that the use of SD-WAN in the world will grow 90% by the year 2020. Further confirming this strong trend, the report Business Technographics Network & Telecommunications Survey, from Forrester Research, a North American market research firm, finds that 64% of companies in the United States plan to deploy or replace their traditional WAN networks with an SD-WAN solution.

Now you know SD-WAN and everything it can offer. This is yet another solution that reflects Brain’s premises: connecting people and ideas through digital and disruptive solutions, with the objective of providing security, application management and simplifying business processes and people’s daily lives.

To purchase the SD-WAN, access the Algar Telecom portal by clicking here.

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