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Smartfi Pro: the first solution developed by Brain

A very brief introduction to what we mean by “innovation”

Our intention in this post is to tell, with some details, the story of the first product conceived and developed using agile methodologies by Brain.

The notion of “innovation” is well described and explained in a flurry of content out there. You are probably already quite familiar with it.

However, to define the starting point of this text, let’s agree that working with innovation means interpreting, creating, testing and presenting a practical and operational model of a solution, whether it is unprecedented or an improvement aimed at a problem.

Brain is an Institute of Science and Technology founded by Algar Telecom to develop innovative solutions focused on the market. Strategically located in Uberlândia/MG, Brain’s objective is also to enhance and promote the innovation ecosystem in the city and region, bringing together professionals from different areas in different projects developed using agile methodologies.

The challenge launched by Algar

Algar Telecom is a company that operates on different telecommunications fronts, including offering internet connections for small, medium and large companies.

Algar Telecom delivers the structure for connection, broadband, network support and maintenance to its customers, but how to offer more to Algar’s B2B customers? How to update the service to a market in the middle of a digital transformation process? How to deliver to the customer a solution that brings more than network coverage? It was with these challenges in mind that SmartFi Pro emerged.

The SmartFi Pro

Watch the SmartFi Pro video here:

SmartFi Pro is an intelligent management service for Wi-Fi networks. The technology developed by Brain expands the limits of Wi-Fi, aggregating in a single service a range of solutions that, until then, were made available separately in the market by different players.

SmartFi Pro summarizes and simplifies a series of functional and strategic benefits for businesses, bringing together, in a single solution, security, intelligence and support.

The technology development counted on strong partnerships. Cisco is responsible for the SmartFi Pro networking and connectivity platform, which ensures high-quality Wi-Fi infrastructure for the end user.

For data collection and network management, Brain relied on the expertise of Zoox Smart Data. The partnership allowed not only the administration of accesses, but also the possibility of using the system to promote the relationship with network users.

Wireless Intelligence

Once the SmartFi Pro signal is made available to a company’s users, whether they are customers or employees, it can count on a powerful strategic partner to carry out safer and more efficient marketing and decision-making actions.

From the access of users on the network, it is possible to start collecting and interpreting accurate data. By understanding who the user of your Wi-Fi network is, it is possible to carry out strategic actions dedicated to converting sales or other company objectives.

The information collected through SmartFi Pro, which is public data made available by the users themselves through the social login, ranging from name, gender, age group and email to personal preferences, such as favorite sports, professional interests and economic profile.

The tool makes it possible, for example, to identify the habits of new customers and promote actions dedicated to prospecting a new audience, or generate segmented data on the performance of employees within a specific department of the company.

A solution adapted to the Marco Civil

As the Civil Rights Framework for the Internet strengthens, the chances of companies that offer Wi-Fi connection also increase the chances of getting involved in processes categorized as third-party digital crimes.

In addition, leaking sensitive information is another harmful action that can critically destabilize a company’s structure. At this juncture, it becomes necessary to control, identify and prevent crimes that may be related to your Wi-Fi network.

In this aspect, SmartFi Pro stands out once again by presenting a solution that complies with the Marco Civil da Internet. The solution developed by Brain allows companies to have access to the history of users logged into their network, managing information about them and storing the data that safeguard the establishment in the event of any cyber crime.

A Story of Brain Innovation

Brain’s Cyber ​​Security Squad was the team responsible for the development of SmartFi Pro. After they received the challenge from Algar Telecom, the team went straight to work.

The first discovery was to check what was available on the market. The survey showed that, although similar coverage and proximity marketing services existed, none of them did.
they were truly capable of bringing together all aspects of security, connection quality, marketing intelligence and support for any size company.

“We saw that, if we were restricted only to the coverage part, we would be just another name in the market” Laura Vilarinho, Project Owner at Brain.

The role of Agile Methodologies

Within Brain, all projects are based on agile methodologies and, when it comes to innovation, this makes all the difference.

The application of agile processes implies a radical change in the team’s mindset. In this way, it is necessary to distance oneself from traditional and bureaucratic habits to make room for the autonomy of each team member.

When each one starts to exercise the management of their own functions and goals, without the requirement to report each small step to a hierarchical superior, the speed of development jumps exponentially.

In addition, there are constant validations with the customer. This allows the team to meet the demands and make the necessary improvements to the solution during its own development. In this way, the process becomes more assertive, allowing for a more complete final delivery.

Testing Phase

Before being presented by Algar Telecom as a solution for the market, Brain performed several SmartFi Pro tests with different customer profiles (malls, hospitals, restaurants, medium and large corporations, among others).

These “beta” users actively participated in product development. For seven months, Brain’s team was dedicated to understanding and incorporating improvements in SmartFi Pro from feedbacks that emerged during the daily use of the technology, until reaching the scalable version to be marketed by Algar Telecom.

The challenges of the market

The creation, development and market testing phase was successfully completed. From now on, the technology developed by ICT will be transferred to Algar Telecom. The technology developed by Brain arrives on the market with a lot of added value and prepared to evolve and unfold in many other uses.

Learn more about SmartFi Pro, an Algar Telecom product:
https://www.algartelecom.com.br /medium-large-companies/internet/smartfipro

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