One of Brain's roles is to encourage intellectual property, that is, the guarantee that the invention will be legally protected for a certain period in the name of its inventor or owner. Since its creation, Brain has already filed some patents:

Guide Ring Shaped Device and Straightening Device for Fiber Optic Cables

These two Algar Telecom patents came from the customized program made by Brain for the company’s Operations team, Inovacao em Campo.

The two pieces of equipment are intended to optimize the installation performance of the operator’s products on poles.

See the video on the side for a comparison of time spent by a technician using the invention and another not.

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System for Advanced Connectivity

In co-ownership with Brain, the patent for Algar Telecom’s “Chip Multiconnect” was filed, equipment that enables several IoT (Internet of Things) solutions that are already in operation and on a large scale. The solution is one of the great success stories of developments made by Brain.

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Fiber Optic Rewinder

The invention emerged within the intrapreneurship program promoted by Brain within Algar Telecom, the Shark Tank. The Fiber Optic Rewinder has a machine that allows the reuse of optical cables, thus promoting sustainability, resource efficiency and optimization of time for telecommunications technicians.

Brain also has in its portfolio an Integrated Circuit Topography already granted by the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property), as well as trademark protection. When we talk about copyright, we have a series of articles published in scientific journals, presentations at scientific and/or technological congresses and seminars.

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