Scrum of Scrums: Learn now how to apply the technique on your team!

Data: 12 August 2021 | Categoria: Methodologies
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 Agile methods are a reference for companies and startups and are always in constant adaptation and renewal. Likewise, one of the innovations that improve agile methodologies is the Scrum of Scrums. It is a set of ttechniques that can be applied to any team that wants more alignment between teams that are on big projects.

Thus, the practice is related to the traditional scrum, but it has some particularities that are ideal for monitoring the same project. When we talk about large deliveries, alignment between the different members who work on the project is essential. And this, not only to identify problems, but mainly to find solutions through collaboration, innovation and agile adaptation. 

Now, remember what Scrum is, learn more about Scrum of Scrums and learn about the application of this methodology here on Brain.

Scrum Methodology Review

O scrum has its origins in rubgy, which it uses the term for a play in which players intertwine their arms in collective and physical effort to advance, all together, over the opponent’s field. The Scrum framework emerged as a practice for startups and companies for the first time in 1986, in an article published by Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka, in Harvard Business Review. Thus, even integrating the concept of agile methods, the scrum predates the Agile Manifesto.

In the agile methodology, the work in this framework is also collective. As such, it represents the effort of the entire team to make piecemeal deliveries of a product under development.

Scrum brings a set of best practices through incremental approaches to project management. Thus, this framework includes values ​​such as focus on goals, commitment to work, respect between teams, courage in carrying out activities and openness to new ideas. All of this takes place based on the pillars of transparency, daily inspection of activities and agile adaptation.

Finally, in the scrum we have the fundamental roles of Product Owner (Dono do Produto), o Scrum Master e o Time de Desenvolvimento.

What is Scrum of Scrums

If the scrum is already aimed at the community for the monitoring and execution of projects, the scrum of scrum is a division of the concept. Therefore, it is ideal for promoting constant interaction while building a particular product.

It is a technique that aims to connect teams that are involved in delivering a complex solution on a project. In this way, integration is greater, in addition to collaboration and transparency.

In the scrum of scrums, daily or even weekly meetings are held for alignments between a group of up to 9 people. A team member is chosen as a representative and provides answers to questions such as:

  • What has the team accomplished since the last event?
  • What will be done after the meeting?
  • Which impediments to the execution of the activities;
  • Is there anything that is not being done that could impact other teams?

By answering these questions, everyone involved in the project will be able to find solutions and know the status of each team’s responsibility. Also, it is worth remembering that it is not a report, but a joint participation of the representatives of the teams. This, so that everyone can collaborate with solutions for the execution of the project in which they are involved.

Scrum on the Brain

Scrum is the main agile methodology in Brain. With the formation of squads that have multidisciplinary members, such as the Product Owner, Scrum Master and the development teams, the objective is to involve everyone and seek adaptations as quickly as possible, to add value to the projects.

There are no hierarchies, but collaboration among all the squad. Thus, everyone acts in a cohesive way in the execution of their activities, without leaving aside the contribution in the search for solutions in the practices of other teams.

And for this, one of the events that contribute to collaboration is the scrum of scrums, which is the opportunity to debate technical, integration and operational aspects in a collaborative, agile and transparent manner.

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