Smart Houses: the future of smart homes with 5G

Data: 29 July 2021 | Categoria: Innovation
imagem com o desenho de uma casa que representa o futuro das casas inteligentes com 5G

The future of smart homes with 5G is extremely promising and promises to bring a series of transformations and positive impacts on the way people interact and use domestic spaces. If smart houses already provided a unique experience, this experience will be increasingly popular with the arrival of the 5th generation mobile network.

A 5G technology promises much faster connections while allowing connection of a number of devices together. More speed for downloads and uploads, more stability in the internet signal and greater coverage are just some of the changes we will have in our daily lives with the arrival of technology.

By combining this feature with smart homes, we can expect an intense transformation over the next few years in the way we use home space. Understand more about smart houses and how existing technologies will take shape throughout the deployment of 5G.

What are smart houses?

Smart homes are homes that have a series of devices and other technological resources that bring more comfort, practicality and speed in carrying out activities and in the use of domestic spaces.

After all, connectivity and technology are present in the most different fields of our lives and it would be no different in homes. There are already devices that allow a much easier routine, with the equipment in the house working more autonomously, intelligently and with remote control.

With all these facilities, it was expected that interest in features that make homes smarter would increase, which promises to move billions of dollars. As research shows The State of the Connected Home 2021 by Tech UK and GFK:

  • Already 80% of people know that they exist and how to use smart home appliances;
  • The global smart cities market in 2021 is expected to be worth $78 billion;
  • In 2025, the market could reach US$ 182 billion.

Examples of smart house features

We already have examples of appliances that are smart and connected to the internet, the list is long, but we can list some of the main ones and others that will become popular throughout the 5G deployment:

  • Smart TVs, which don’t even need other devices to connect to smartphones or the internet at home;
  • Voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home, which can be integrated into environments and the lighting system, for example;
  • Appliances such as refrigerators, which analyze food information and can notify you of the expiration date of products.

Imagine how many electronics and appliances we use at home can be connected to the internet and will be even faster with 5G? Everything that is part of the Internet of Things will benefit from the fifth generation mobile network. 

The future with smart homes with 5G

The future will be even more full of possibilities with smart homes and 5G. Time wasted on household activities can be drastically reduced with these actions being performed by smart, autonomous devices.

It will be possible to control a house from a distance, streamline the routine and connect to the internet much more easily. At the same time, the data traffic exchanged between smart house devices and smartphones and notebooks will be much higher. This information will be crucial for implementing improvements, preventing accidents, increasing efficiency and managing resources, among a number of other possibilities.

Finally, the concept of smart homes can also be integrated into < span style="font-weight: 400;">smart cities that bring connectivity to the regional level. If smart houses make household appliances and other appliances more efficient and connected, smart cities will do so in neighborhoods and territories.

With the arrival of 5G, cities will be much more connected and a series of challenges we face today, such as efficient energy use, internet quality or waste management, will be overcome. Technology will be essential to bring more quality of life to people, whether in their homes or in the cities where they are.

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Sabrina Tomaz

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